TEMPERATURE – Refers to the temperature quality of a color. Warm colors; reds, yellows, and oranges. Cool colors; blues, greens, and purples
TENSION – The distortion of an object through stretching or bending.
TEXTURE – The surface quality of a two-dimensional shape or a three-dimensional volume that appeals yo the tactile sense.*
THREE-DIMENSIONAL SPACE – Possessing, or creating the illusion of possessing, the dimension of depth, as well as the dimensions of height and width.
TINT – The result of mixing a color with white.
TRANSPARENCY – a visual illusion created allowing you to see through an image, enabling to see what lies behind it.
TRANSITION – The process of changing from one state or form to another. A visual bridge, it is the opposite of an abrupt change.
TRIADIC – A color scheme based on three colors that are equally distant from each other on a color wheel.
TWO-DIMENSIONAL SPACE – Possessing the dimensions of height and width only.
TYPE – It is the element representing letters and text. It can be used as text to read, as a shape and as a visual element where the choice of typeface conveys an emotion or mood. Element of Design.