Artwork Specs

Artist Name:

Composition Analysis

What is the artwork Degree of Representation and why?

What are the Elements of Design used?

What are the Principles of Organization used?

How are the Elements of Design and Principles of Organization used?
Is the work harmonic, chaotic, energetic, melancholic, etc… Why?

Can you identify a focal point?
Does the work convey depth?
Describe how the artist visually achieved or not these characteristics in the composition.

Artwork Critique

Does the design achieve the proposed content (and subject matter)? Why and how?

What is the strongest aspect of the design?

What is the weakest aspect of the design?

Should anything be deleted?

Should anything be repeated?

Can the project be strengthened conceptually? How?

Can the project be strengthened technically? How?

Elements & Principles of Design Overview

Principles of Organization Overview

Printable Critique Worksheet