Develop visual understanding of how line systems can create value gradation.

Develop skills to create value gradation through line systems.



In your sketchbook using an HB pencil and a ruler create three charts with 9 inches wide by 1 inch high each. Divide the charts every 1 inch to create nine (9) squares on each chart and follow the instructions below.










1. Hatching

One parallel set of lines (///) is called a “system.” Use PITT pens to create one system in square #2 to make the lightest square of nine.
Make #3 darker by any or all of these methods:

  • Draw lines of the system closer together
  • Press harder with your pen
  • Use a wider tip nib to draw more ink.

Do not add a second system of lines. Use an ‘intentional’ pen stroke slanted at an angle that is comfortable for you.
The lengths of the strokes are optional.
Note that the strokes are separate from each other; make strokes, not scribbles!

2. Cross Hatching

Create the first system of lines exactly as in the exercise above. Create a second system of lines over and in the opposite direction of the first set.

3. Stippling

Use intentional stroking to stipple gradually from light to dark between the successively darkening values.
The closer the marks are and the wider the pen nib the darker it will appear.

Light    --------------------------------------------   Dark