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Line Systems | Illusion of Space

Last week we critiqued Project 3 and saw we can abstract from Subject Matter by focusing on the Principle of Organization Unity.

This week we will work on Project 4 continuing to abstract a design's Degree of Representation by exploring the Elements of Design Line characteristics to convey Content, and by paying attention to the Principles of Organization Unity, Emphasis and Focal Point and Movement.

Homework Due for Class 5

Finalize Exercise 2 | Perspective and post your drawings to Brightspace | Exercise 2.

After reading Design Basics: Illusion of Space go to Brightspace and post a visual example for the following techniques used to create illusion of space
1. Size
2. Overlapping
3. Vertical Location
4. Atmospheric Perspective
5. Plan
6. Elevation
7. Linear Perspective: One-point
8. Linear Perspective: Two-point
9. Linear Perspective: Multi-point
10. Amplified Perspective
11. Multiple Perspective
12. Isometric Projection
13. Open Form
14. Closed Form
15. Equivocal Space

9" x 12" Drawing Paper | 14” x 17” Bristol Board | Sketchbook | HB Mechanical Pencil | Eraser | Ruler | PITT Pen (Black) | Rubber Cement | Viewfinder

Homework for Class 6

After reading Design Basics: Rhythm chapter, and researching what Movement in design is, search the Internet for an artwork that clearly has a strong sense of Movement. Post the image here and write how rhythm and movement in the artwork were accomplished.

Here are some possibilities:
. Changes in direction.
. Changes in darkness or lightness.
. Similar shapes connected with each other.
. Overlapping elements.
. Repetition of elements.

On your sketchbook or notebook handwrite the definitions for the words below. Once you are done take a picture of the vocab words and upload them to BrightSpace:
Value, Texture, Volume, Plane, Line Quality, Directional Lines, Converging Lines, Hatching, Cross-hatching, Stippling, Blending, Scribbling, Compressed Space, Expanded Space, Continuation, Direction, Hierarchy, Directional Dominance, Directional Conflict. Hand write on your sketchbook!!!!
You can find some of the definitions under the link Resources/Vocabulary Words.

9" x 12" Drawing Paper | 14” x 17” Bristol Board | Sketchbook | HB Mechanical Pencil | Eraser | Ruler | PITT Pen (Black) | Rubber Cement | 2D Found Textures

Start collecting yogurt and pill containers for painting projects!