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Westchester Community College Art Department offers different resources to help you succeed.

Art Dept Announcements

Westchester Community College Visual Arts Department Facebook page with current news, events and announcements. You should check it frequently:

Studios are Closed During Covid-19 Pandemic

Open Studios

Open Studio Hours I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Art department Open Studio times. In the Design studio – HAAB 403, you can have access to computers, scanners, camera, the required design readings and some of the required supplies needed for you to produce the weekly assignments. There are also art studio techs who can guide you to the needed resources and/or help you with printing, camera, supplies, etc., issues.

Always clean up after yourself and hold all conversations outside of the studio.

Open Studio Hours are posted on the studios doors – open hours are shaded gray.
Fall 2019 Art Department Open Studios Schedules

WCC All Computer Labs Hours with Adobe Creative Suite | Fall 2019

Students with Disabilities & ADA

Westchester Community College (WCC) is committed to creating a learning environment that meets the needs of its diverse student body. If a student has a documented disability, it is the student’s responsibility to self-identify by signing up through the Disability Services Office (DSO) either online or in person. Once signed up for accommodations, the student must inform the professor via a Referral to Faculty notification provided by the DSO. A Testing Accommodations Request form must be completed online or in person no later than three business days before the quiz/exam date to allow for accommodations to be arranged with the DSO.

The DSO is located in room G-51 on the ground floor of the Library in the back of the Academic Support Center. For more information regarding accommodations offered at WCC you may visit the Disability Services Office Website.

Title IX

Westchester Community College values and respects the self-worth and belonging of all individuals in our community and affirms their right to engage in an environment that is safe, nonthreatening, and respectful.

In accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Westchester Community College prohibits unlawful sexual harassment against any participant in its education programs or activities. Sexual harassment includes quid pro quo (this for that) harassment, hostile environment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct or communications constituting sexual harassment as prohibited by state and federal law. This prohibition against sexual harassment - including sexual violence - applies to students, WCC employees, and visitors to campus.

Community members who have been or know someone who has been the victim of sexual violence, assault, harassment, stalking, domestic/dating violence, or any other form of sexual misconduct are encouraged to make a report to the College. Incidents of Sexual Misconduct should be reported to the college Title IX Coordinator, as outlined in the WCC Title IX policy. For more information on Title IX, resources or options to file a report, please visit: Anonymous reports are accepted.

Emergency Aid Program

The new Westchester Community College Foundation Emergency Aid Program has been established to assist students who have unforeseen financial hardships that occur during the academic year and endanger their continued enrollment. Emergency situations may include, but not limited to homelessness or sudden loss of housing, fire; eviction; overdue utility bills; theft of computer, books or clothing, temporary loss of job or income; victims of violence, sudden loss of childcare; and other such situations.

To learn more about what support services are available visit: Emergency Aid Program.

Weather Related Information

If class is canceled due to any reason, students are responsible for missed assignments. In this event, students must obtain assignments from the course website or Blackboard. Assignments will be posted the same day as the canceled class. Assignments are due the week immediately following the cancelation.

Weather cancelations or delays are posted on the college website,, and the WCC Facebook page. For more information and on how to receive information via text message, visit: Weather Announcements.

Open Studios | Art Dept Announcements | Students with Disabilities | Title IX | Emergency Aid Program | Weather Related Information