FIGURE/GROUND VALUE REVERSAL – The “ground” is the background and “figure” is a shape in it. When the value within a figure changes from light to dark, the area of the figure that is darker is surrounded by a lighter value in the ground and the area of the figure which is lighter is surrounded by a darker value in the ground.
FOCAL POINT – The location in a composition that attracts the viewer’s attention and may repeatedly draw attention back to itself.*
FORM – In 2D is the visual aspect of a composition, the structure, and the work as a whole; in 3D refers to the actual objects with volume and structure. It is the Component of Art that refers to the physical qualities of a design as opposed to the subject matter (the identifiable visual object, person or element in nature) or content behind a design. One of the Components of Art along with Subject Matter and Content (some authors also include Context.)*
FORM & CONTENT – Physical forms and compositional principles can and should reinforce the content and subject matter of any work. Content may include your emotional, intellectual, symbolic spiritual and/or narrative intentions. Unity of form and content is important to communicate an idea or message featured in any work of art or design.*