Final Project Written Artist Statement

Due Final Assessment Class

Your Artist Statement is a written visual analysis of your final project. It describes the project and how formal strategies are utilized to help convey the concept of your design.

Your statement should be typed, use size 12 font, be in essay form with a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 600 words, and be printed before class. It should contain three distinct paragraphs that adhere to the following guidelines:

Utilizing correct design terminology, address each of the questions below in essay form (refer to the vocabulary words on the course website and your textbook glossary). Describe what the design looks like, the elements included, the composition, value, and color. Be as specific as possible. Assume that the reader cannot see your design!

Paragraph 1: Formal Strategies

  1. Describe the design elements used within your design (line, shape, value, color, and texture).
  2. Is the entire picture plane utilized and activated? What strategies have been taken to create interesting negative shapes? Are convex and concave shapes utilized?
  3. Is the composition balanced? Is it symmetrical or asymmetrical? How is visual weight distributed?
  4. Describe the Visual Flow of the design. Which elements lead your eye around the picture plane (directional & converging lines, repetition of shape/color/value/texture/line)?
  5. What is the primary focal point of the image? Does the image adhere to the rule of thirds, how? Refer to the focal point handout from earlier in the semester, which strategies are used to place emphasis on the focal point?
  6. How does the painting create the illusion of space through overlapping, scale, value, perspective, or atmospheric perspective?
  7. Describe the use of color. Is expressive color utilized? Does the painting have an overall warm or cool temperature?
  8. Are complementary colors used when mixing paint and as a compositional tool (simultaneous contrast)?

Paragraph 2: Concept

  1. Describe the concept of your design (the predetermined idea or emotion you planned to convey).
  2. Describe how each of the formal strategies you have utilized help convey this concept. This includes your composition, elements of design, and use of expressive color. Describe how each of the formal strategies you have utilized help convey this concept. (Refer to questions 1-8)

Paragraph 3: Self Critique

  1. What are the successful and unsuccessful aspects of your design? What can you improve on? Consider each of the following:
  • Does the design demonstrate an understanding of the principles of organization (negative/positive space, figure/ground relationships, contrast, repetition, emphasis, harmony and balance, directional forces)?
  • Does the design apply basic elements and principles of composition (activate the entire picture plane and establish a focal point and visual flow)?
  • Does the design demonstrate understanding and ability to apply basic concepts of color theory (complimentary colors, simultaneous contrast, color temperature, and value)?
  • Is there an attention to detail and professional craftsmanship?
  • Does the overall design convey your intended meaning?

Bring the Artwork and a Printed Copy of your Written Critique Statement to the Final Assessment Class!

Final Project E-Portfolio

Once you complete the project:

  • Scan the final image and all steps at 300ppi and upload it to the corresponding Brightspace Journal.
    Make sure the images are in focus, straight, with good resolution and properly lit.
  • Add your writing assignment to the corresponding Brightspace Journal on the same page as the image of your project. I recommend that you type this as a word document and save it before pasting it into the corresponding Brightspace Journal.
  • Label both the image and writing with the project title: Final Project

Both the image & the writing assignment should be uploaded to the corresponding Brightspace Journal BEFORE the beginning of the Final Assessment period! Take note of when the classroom is open and available for you to use the scanner.