Wed 02/07 | Thurs 02/08
Shape & Space

Last week we started to work on Project 2 to explore ways to abstract from the subject matter by focusing on the Element of Design Line and the Principle of Organization Emphasis & Focal Point


This week we continue to work on Project 2 and are introduced to Project 3 to continue abstract from subject matter by exploring the Element of Design Line characteristics to convey Content.

Due for This Class

Before you start, go through the videos/presentations below:


Focal Point

Rule of Thirds

How to Use Rubber Cement

Work on Project 2 | Dynamic Compositions Steps 1, 2 & 3.

After reading Design Basics: Line pps 128 [Introduction] to 139 [end of Creating Variety & Emphasis post on Blackboard Discussion Board topic: "3. Reading Response | Line 1" visual examples (Magazines or Internet) of:
1. Atual Lines
2. Implied Lines
3. Psychic Lines
4. Contour Drawing
5. Gesture Drawing
6. Angry Lines
7. Calm Lines
8. Stable Lines
9. Happy Lines

On your sketchbook or notebook handwrite the definitions for the following words:
Composition, Creative Brainstorming, Craftsmanship, Subject Matter, Content, Form, Representational, Naturalism, Abstraction, Non-representational, Unity, Emphasis, Focal Point, Visual Flow.
You can find some of the definitions under the link Resources/Vocabulary Words.

In Class


Vocabulary Words 1

Line Post & Discussion

Uploading work to E-portfolio

Share sketches for Critique

At Home

Project 2 | Dynamic Compositions:

Finalize artwork. Due on Class 5

E-portfolio Project 2: Create a new page and upload Photograph/Scan of your final artwork, and post the self-critique. Due by the beginning of Class 5 (your E-portfolio).

Read: Design Basics: Balance and share an example for each of the terms below on Blackboard Forum 3:
1. Imbalance
2. Symmetrical Balance
3. Asymmetrical Balance
4. Radial Balance
5. Crystallography Balance

On your sketchbook or notebook handwrite the definitions for the following words:
Hand write on your sketch book!!!!
Shape, Curvilinear, Rectilinear, Geometric, Organic, Complex Shape, Positive Space, Negative Space, Figure, Ground, Background, Figure/Ground Value Reversal, Subjective, Contrast, Rhythm, Movement, Repetition, Expressive.

You can find some of the definitions under the link Resources/Vocabulary Words.

Project 3 | Variation of Line Parts 1, 2 & 3.
Bring supplies to class.