Printable Self-Evaluation

The goal of the self-evaluation is to give you an idea on how well you are doing in this class, and to help you take control of your learning and success in the course. The more honest you are, the more you will benefit from the self-evaluations. While taking the self-evaluations check the course site and the work you have done for this class to ensure that you are answering the questions correctly. This will give you an idea of what you have done and what you are missing, and most important, how you can improve and excel!

If you get a lower grade in the beginning of the semester, know that you can still do well in this class if you change your work habits and improve your efforts. Getting a good grade means that you are doing everything right but you need to keep up the good work throughout the semester in order to keep your grade. If you do any work after taking the self-evaluation, take it again to adjust your grade. You will see how empowering it is to be able to control your success!!!

There are four (4) Self-Evaluations offered during the semester. You are strongly recommended to complete a Self-Evaluation on time.

WCC grading system is as follow:

90 to 100 = A
85 to 89 = B+
80 to 84 = B
75 to 79 = C+
70 to 74 = C
60 to 69 = D
59 or below = F