Texture | Thurs 03/23

Last week we worked on Project 5 focusing on how Line Systems come together to help us perceive depth through Value Gradation.

This week we continue to abstract a design's Degree of Representation by exploring the Element of Design Texture to help us perceive Tactile and Visual characteristics, while also focusing on creating Illusion of Space and depth through value gradation.

We will also do the Midterm Self-Evaluation to find out the midterm grades. Students who are failing the class can withdraw from the course until March 27 without having their GPA affected by a poor grade.

Due for This Class

Project 5 | Directional Dominance:

Finalize artwork. Due in the beginning of class.

E-portfolio Project 5: Create a new page and upload Photograph/Scan of your final artwork, and post the self-critique. Due in the beginning of class..

Read Design Basics: Illusion of Space chapter and post visual examples of the following techniques used to create illusion of space: 1. Size
2. Overlapping
3. Vertical Location
4. Atmospheric Perspective
5. Plan
6. Elevation
7. Linear Perspective: One-point
8. Linear Perspective: Two-point
9. Linear Perspective: Multi-point
10. Amplified Perspective
11. Multiple Perspective
12. Isometric Projection
13. Open Form
14. Closed Form
15. Equivocal Space

Complete Exercise 2: Texture due at the beginning of class.

Make sure you also bring all the supplies needed to work on this project in class.

In Class


Read, Research & Post to Blackboard 6: Illusion of Space

Project 5 | Directional Dominance

Present Exercise 2 | Texture

Project 5 | Directional Dominance Critique

Finalize Project 6 | Texture

Midterm Grades

At Home

Project 6 | Texture up to Part 3, Step 8.

After reading Design Basics: Texture find visual examples for the terms below and place them in a post with their corresponding names.
Sense of Touch
Tactile Texture
Implied Texture
Collage Made with Found Objects
Trompe L'Oeil

On your sketchbook or notebook handwrite the definitions for the following words:
Value Range, Tint, Shade, Value Contrast, Achromatic Gray, Chiaroscuro, Value Pattern, Shading, High Key, Low Key.
You can find some of the definitions under the link Resources/Vocabulary Words, in "Design Basics", or researching the web. Due at the beginning of Class 10.