Wed 10/21 | Thurs 10/22 | Mon 11/02
Midterm Presentations | Design Process

This week you present the Midterm Project 5: Texture along with your E-portfolio and start to work on Project 6: Organizing the Random to explore different creative processes while conveying content through form.


We will also do the Midterm Self-Evaluation individual reviews.

Homework Due for Class 8

Pen and Ink Drawing Tutorials:

Finalize Project 5 | Texture and upload to your E-portfolio along with the written critique to present in class

Finalize your midterm self-evaluation to present on the individual midterm reviews.

Make sure your Blackboard E-portfolio is updated up to Project 5 for presentation. You will read Project 5 self-critique as part of your midterm assessment.

3" x 4" Viewfinder | Magazines | Sketchbook | HB Mechanical Pencil | Eraser | Ruler | PITT Pen (Black)

Reminder: Your midterm grades are available in Blackboard under Points Earned | My Grades. Students who are failing the class can withdraw from the course until November 2 without having their GPA affected. Please note that if you are a FAFSA recipient you may have to pay back part of your tuition when you withdraw from classes. Do consider your choices wisely.

In Class

Attendance & Critique

Project 5 | Texture Critique.

Project 5 | Texture update

Individual midterm self-evaluation reviews

E-portfolio Midterm Presentations

Homework for Class 9

On your sketchbook or notebook handwrite the definitions for the following words:
Value Range, Tint, Shade, Value Contrast, Achromatic Gray, Chiaroscuro, Value Pattern, Shading, Shaped Value Gradation, Figure/Ground Value Reversal, Low Key, High Key, Subjective, Expressive, Rhythm, Movement, Closure, Scale, Atmospheric Perspective.
You can find some of the definitions under the link Resources/Vocabulary Words, in "Design Basics", or researching the web. Due at the beginning of Class 9.

After going through the presentation on Value and reading Design Basics: Value find visual examples for the terms below and post them to Blackboard post 7. Design Basics Value. Due at the beginning of Class 10.
Representational Illusion of Light
Non-representational Illusion of Light
Value Pattern
Low Key
High Key
Atmospheric Perspective
Physical Space
Psychological Space

White Acrylic Paint | Black Acrylic Paint | All Paintbrushes | Scissors | Mixing Palette | Container for Water | Drawing Paper | Bristol Board | Ruler | Pencils | Xacto Knife | Rubber Cement.