Intro & Design Process | Wed 09/06

Welcome to
2D Design Course!

Our society usually associates artistic expression with born talent and divine inspiration but is that true? We start this course taking a closer look at the Creative Process and why we study 2D Design.

We will also go through the Syllabus and how to succeed in this class.

In Class

Faculty & Students Intro

Course site, class format & important rules: Course Syllabus, Calendar & Supplies

Creativity, Learning from Mistakes, Trial and Error:

Creativity Page

Watch "How To Be Creative"

Divided in groups go through the page on discuss how you see your creative process, what are the steps you use to explore new ideas, and what you can do to improve your creative thinking skills. Write you group's answers to discuss with the rest of the class.

In which areas of my life am I most creative?

How do I embrace failure?

How do I experience success?

What are the CHARACTERISTICS OF CREATIVE THINKING that I commonly apply in my life?

What can I think of as an example?

What are the CHARACTERISTICS OF CREATIVE THINKING that I seldom apply in my life?

What are the actions I normally take to DEVELOP CREATIVITY?

What are the actions I SHOULD take to DEVELOP CREATIVITY?

How do I deal with boredom? Do I abandon or embrace the challenge? How do I embrace?

Homework for Class 2

Go through our course Syllabus carefully to make sure you understand what this course is about, what is expected of you, and how you can succeed in the course.

Purchase materials!

Go to E-portfolio and execute Parts 1 and 2: Create a Wordpress account, and post your URL address to Blackboard.
If you already have a Wordpress e-portfolio, skip Development 1 and post your URL to Blackboard.

Activate your WordPress account and post the link to your WordPress URL to the appropriate Discussion Board.
See tutorial Sharing URL in Blackboard.

Log in to Blackboard, go to the 2D Design course and open the Discussion Board - The link for the Discussion Board is on the left side in the navigation panel. Open the "E-portfolio URL" Forum and select the "Create Thread" to paste the link to your E-portfolio.

Here is a link to a video showing how to use the Blackboard Content Editor to paste text, insert video, etc.

Execute Step 1 of Project 1 | Photography, Repetition & the Grid. Make sure you bring your camera cable and power cord so you can work on the project in class.