Wed 05/02 | Thurs 05/03
Final Project Studio

Welcome to our course's last day !
In this last class you are expected to finalize your Final Project, and have your E-Portfolio completed to present during next week's Final Assessment Meeting.

Bring your supplies!

Due for This Class

Final Project: Part I & II due for this class.

Bring materials to work on the final design in class, this means the Watercolor paper, gouache set, paint brushes, artist tape etc...

Make sure you have all you work uploaded to your e-portfolio (Wordpress), you presented the Vocabulary Words for grading, completed your Final Self-Assessment and the remaining posts.

In Class


Critique Final Project Part II.

Final Quiz

Work on Final Project Finalize.

At Home

During Final Assessment you will present your E-Portfolio, your original Final Project and read your written Final Project Critique. In order for the process to be smooth you will need to have the following:

Original Final Project finalized by the beginning of Final Assessment meeting to present in class.

Final Project uploaded to your E-Portfolio with all the Steps.

Upload the Final Project written critique statement to your E-Portfolio and print a hardcopy to hand-in as part of your Final Assessment.

Wednesday, 12/20: 1:00 pm to 2:50 pm.
You need to be ready and on time!

Late comers will not be allowed in the room!!!!