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Please join Adjunct Professor Don Rittner (archaeologist/historian) and Award winning filmmaker Gwendolen Cates to celebrate Native American Month. Gwendolyn offers her latest documentary The Good Mind about an indigenous sovereign nation – the Onondaga – that has never accepted U.S. Citizenship, has its own passport, and still maintains a traditional government led by clan mothers and chiefs.

Don and Gwendolen met in 2013 when she was filming her documentary Gaswenta – the Two Row Wampum Peace Treaty. Professor Rittner was the head of a project which built a replica of the first fur trading ship built in what is now the United States in 1614. It was members of the crew of this ship that formed the treaty with Hudson River indigenous people to create the first Native/European peace treaty in 1613 (in a different ship). The ship, the Onrust, sailed with 300 canoes side by side to the UN to recreate this historic treaty renewal in 2013.

You will learn more about this special Native American Culture, experience a brief discussion with Q&A and enjoy the world famous Native snack food – popcorn. Popcorn was also used for decorations, head ornaments, and necklaces.

Wednesday, November 13th
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Student Center, Conference Room 111