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Big Opportunities Await You!

1. Dean Taylor invites you to drop by to get acquainted
… AND …
2. Participate in the Dean’s Early Registration Event

Dean’s Early Registration Event
Tuesday, November 12th from 1-2pm in CLA 320

1. Special event for students in the following Degree Plans: Art/Design, Performing Arts, Communications, Journalism, Liberal Arts Social Science, Liberal Arts Humanities, Digital Film.

2. Be sure to have at the ready your Student ID and Password.
Program Specialists will help take care of the rest - - Demonstrate how to use Degree Works - - Provide training on use of the on-line registration system.
3. Your Dean will be ready to work personally with you, to help you select and enroll in the right courses for your schedule, and to discuss other aspects of your degree and career planning.
Program Specialists will be available to help.

Can’t make this event?
For students not able to attend this session, please contact your Program Specialist at 914-606-6158 or e-mail to set up an appointment to learn how to manage the enrollment process.