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Art 112

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Fall 2019


#85689 | Wednesday

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Wed: 1:00 to 4:50 pm

Course Date+Time #85689

2D Design

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HAAB 403

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#85688 | Monday

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Mon: 9:00 am to 12:50 pm

Course Date+Time #85688

InstructorClaudia Jacques

Prof. Claudia Jacques
  • cmc9[at]
  • 914-924-0703

Course Description

A variety of 2D design concepts and tools are introduced to foster visual literacy, and deepen appreciation of the role of design in art and culture. Students create projects that explore elements and principles of design, including line, shape, space, value, sequence, and color, while developing fluency in the handling of media, and an increased awareness of craftsmanship. Lectures and critiques cultivate verbal communication skills to foster a facility with the language of art and design, and basic computer skills are introduced in the creation of an online portfolio. 4 hrs.

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Learning Outcomes
Objectives + Measures

Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:

    Create designs that are unified, activate the entire picture plane, and establish a focal point and visual flow. All Exercises and Projects.
    Demonstrate the ability to use and differentiate between the elements of 2D design: line, shape, value, color, and texture. All Exercises and Projects.
    Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of organization (negative/positive space, figure/ground relationships, contrast, repetition, emphasis, harmony and balance, directional forces). All Exercises and Projects.
    Demonstrate understanding and ability to apply basic concepts of color theory (hue, value, saturation, color schemes, and complementary colors). Exercise 3, Project 7, Final Project